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Some people wonder if we like working together and being together, but we’re not really great apart.We feed off each other a lot and the great thing is that we both know what we’ve been through and what our work is like. But working together and living together means the couple don't get to spend much time on their own.

”, swing along as you “Dance with Emma” and shake your hips with “Two Polite Elvises”.“The hardest part of married life is getting the time for ourselves,” Gillespie told the magazine.The loved up pair do plan to have children, but further down the line.“It’s a real collaboration and something that we’ve all had so much fun with.I think it’s our best album yet.”It’s a far cry from the release of their first Wiggles DVD featuring the new cast, which consisted mostly of Wiggles covers, followed by a tour that didn’t sell out.“We currently have 176 shows on sale and already 100 of them are sold out,” Lachy shares happily.

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