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The Wayward Bus (1957) Quad Art: Tom Chantrell Joan Collins * Jayne Mansfield * Dan Dailey * Rick Jason * Betty Lou Keim * Delores Michaels * Larry Keating Mansfield clearly sporting the photo-finish in a Zeppelin race look of the 50's nosecone bra.Sing Boy Sing (1958) Quad Tom Chantrell Tommy Sands * Lili Gentle * Edmond O'Brien * John Mc Intire Hm, who does this poster art make him look vaguely like? The Chantrell attribution come from Downbeat (1958) Quad US Daddy-O Dick Contino * Sandra Giles * Bruno Ve Sota * Gloria Victor * Jack Mc Clure I am guessing this is one of those anti-beatnik perils of modern youth dramas based on the poster and the original US title.

Great image, whether the hock-shorror is really there or not..knows.

This is amazingly unfolded and from an era of paper shortage.

The very thin paper is in excellent condition and I'm doing my best to keep it that way.

The Many Loves of Hilda Crane (1956) Quad Art: Jock Hinchliffe Jean Simmons * Guy Madison * Jean Pierre Aumont * Judith Evelyn * Evelyn Varden * Peggy Knudsen * Greg Palmer Jean Simmons having a bit of a lie down.

The Eddy Duchin Story (1956) Quad Tyrone Power * Kim Novak * Victoria Shaw * James Whitmore * Rex Thompson It's an old poster but it has an insane number of pin holes along every edge, mainly cropped out here but it must have had a hard life.

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